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2019s UEFA Champions League Final is the Ticket for Liverpool Vs Tottenham

Postato 211 giorni fa
2019 CL final tickets

Liverpool vs Tottenham: An Historical All-English UEFA Champions League Final

Once again, it is that time of the year for the most anticipated league match of the season. It is none other than the UEFA Champions League Final of 2019. The match is so popular that getting tickets is extremely difficult, except of course for anyone on Football Ticket Net, where UEFA Champions League Final tickets to the match are indeed available!

We are focusing our eyes on the main highlights of the League which this year are Liverpool FC and Tottenham Hotspurs. Who would have thought that they would be the last two standing? While both of these teams have performed remarkably well this season, most sports analysts did not predict these two would make the final.

The match between these two will be taking place on the 1st of June and live at Madrid in the Wanda Metropolitano stadium. As expected, it is a time to be alive and we are surely here for it.

We are pretty sure that punters are already placing bets on the two last clubs standing, even if it is not close to the month of June yet.

What about the fact that it is an all English final? For those that will not be heading down to Madrid, there will of course be full live coverage taking place on BT sport. It is still a wonder how the two clubs got to this stage.

Interestingly, Liverpool pulled off one of the most magnificent comebacks in the history of Champions League (CL) football, by defeating the great Barcelona in a 4-0 match. Clearly, we were not the only ones shocked as Lionel Messi and his teammates and fans were in shock as well from the stunning upset.

However, aside from knowing the football clubs that will be playing on the 1st, it is doubtful that everyone knows very much about the clubs except from seeing them on our TV screens playing football.

Moreover, today is your lucky article day as we will be dishing out fun facts about the two intriguing clubs. It is going to be an interesting read.

Interesting Facts About Liverpool FC

Wondering why Liverpool is so famous? It has everything to do with the club's diverse achievements. As a matter of fact, it is rated among the world's most popular and successful football teams. Although it might likely be your favorite club, what do you really know about them?

Did you know that Liverpool's stadium used to belong to their rival club: Everton? Most football fans have no idea. Well, Anfield used to be owned by Everton FC back in the year 1884.

But, in 1881, Everton made its move to Goodison park due to a rent argument that could not be settled. However, Anfield turned into the home of Liverpool FC officially in 1884.

Some more interesting facts you will find out today are;

The previous colour used by the club was not actually red. No way! It was blue and white stripes. Interestingly, their rival Everton FC used to play wearing red. Furthermore, it was in 1896, that Liverpool Football Club wore red for the first time ever and never let it go.

As English football fans know, Liverpool was not always this popular before. Though their stadium had a vast capacity of twenty thousand spectators, only about one hundred supporters actually attended when they played their first game. Clearly, they’ve come a long way since then, as most of their matches are sold out to near full capacity crowds.

Did you know that they only joined the English Football League in 1893? From then, they got promoted to the first division after a second division back in one season. Their early success came from winning league titles in the years 1922,1906,1923 and 1901.

In their very first season in the football league, they were able to get their second division and were not defeated. This occurred when they won Newton Heath with a score of 2-0. Guess the club that was first known as Newton Heath? The popular Manchester United. Unbelievable!

You should note that even if you got the chance to win the world’s record lottery jackpot, you will not be able to purchase one quarter of the club. This is because Forbes valued Liverpool at about £1.4 billion.

What a team! And their opposing side is just as remarkable in many ways. Here are some facts to know about Tottenham Hotspurs just before the big game.

What You Didn't Know About Tottenham FC

The last season had Tottenham's striker Harry Kane become the first Englishman ever to end the game as the leading scorer since 1999/2000 in the Premier League. His twenty five goals were what it took for Kane to successfully accomplish such a feat.

Tottenham was the first English club to ever lift the continental trophy when they gleefully triumphed in the Winners Cup of 1963. They also tasted glory once again in the inaugural edition of 1972’s UEFA Cup.

Some other interesting facts about Tottenham includes the fact that their badge features a vintage football and a Cockerel. The Cockerel was picked just because it has Spurs.

What this implies is that they tie in with the historical figure of Harry Hotspur from which Tottenham gets its nickname from. The ball and Cockerel have their pride of place at the peak of a stand at the club’s stadium known as White Hart Lane.

Tottenham’s most significant historical rival is none other than their North Love neighbors known as Arsenal. The issue between both clubs is known as one of the hottest contested inter-team feuds in European football.  

They have both faced off more than one hundred and fifty times in the English top flight. And, their last premier league meetings ended in two draws of 1-1 and 2-2.

What To Do While In Madrid

As it happens, there are those that will not be watching the match from the comfort of their TV screens but will be travelling live to Madrid to support their team. For those making the trip, you should definitely remember make the most of the fact that Madrid is a city that is full of culture and life.

It holds its very own artistic nature which is unique and distinct from other cities in Europe. Madrid holds one of the best art museums on the continent and their Renaissance masterpieces plus seminal twentieth century pieces are standing by, waiting to captivate your cultural curio senses.

There are also some little things that will make your Madrid trip memorable. It begins at the Café con Leche in the stately square and continues for revellers who down drinks at a rooftop bar and continue walking through Retiro or even Casa de Campo.

Some other fun places to visit in Madrid include;

  • The Prado for the Arts, which is a lovely museum
  • Retino Park, a highly unique, elegant and exquisite garden
  • Finally, the Royal Palace should never be missed by first time visitors

The Final Score

You should know that Madrid is a beautiful city to visit and it is home to a lot of tourist attractions. And regardless of who wins, attending the UEFA Champions League Final there on 01/06/2019 will most definitely be an event to remember for a lifetime for anyone attending. While trying to forecast the winner may be extremely difficult at this point, it’s easy to forecast that attending the match will be an incredible experience. May the best team win!


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